Sunday, February 5, 2012

sick day

Well as unproductive as I was yesterday I NEEDED it. I woke up and felt nauseous and so so SO exhausted. I couldn't get up. I spent the entire day in bed and on the couch sleeping or 1/2 asleep. It was awful and mommies really need sick days because my husband was working and my boys were kind of on their own. Then again they were happy to get to spend the day in front of the TV all day since that pretty much never happens. Even though I still feel like I COULD sleep at least 10 more hours I am up and functioning! HORRAY! Now to get some cleaning up. We are going to really kick into high gear and get everyone back on a schedule tomorrow, we've all been slacking big time. My goal is to get up and work out (at the very least WALK Logan to school - if it's not raining) come home get showered and dressed get to the grocery store since I didn't get to that today. Tomorrow will be the real test since it's hubby's day to take Logan to school and I love to sleep in and snuggle Jameson (he'll sleep till 9 if I stay in bed with him!).

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