Saturday, March 3, 2012

Daily Goals

If you have *liked* me on Facebook ( you have probably seen a few days (and pictures) where I have set a daily goal for myself. Granted, I haven't done this EVERY day but I have found it to be a great tool on days when I need a little motivation and I know I'll have time to get things done. It's really easy and it holds me accountable for getting a task done because I have put it out there for everyone to see! First it was my closet... oy vey! That thing had just been amassing clothes and trash and whatever else I felt the desire to toss on there since we moved in 6 months ago! It was long over due for a good overhauling! Check out my FB page for the pictures and feel free to use my page as a place to hold yourself accountable to a daily goal too! You can even do more than just one goal and post each goal as you go through and show the world how truly awesome you are! 

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