Friday, May 25, 2012

The NEW Quest

Well as much as I love being a stay at home mommy, it has been the best four and a half year years of my life, this era is coming to an end. I suppose it doesn't have to just yet but we really could use some extra money and I was offered a part time job at a daycare with perfect hours to suit our needs. So now I begin the quest of being a better mommy that works. Now, this won't be the first time I have been a working mom, when I was a single mom I had to work so this isn't totally new territory, but now I have FOUR kids instead of just one I will be loosing time with (not to mention I am rarely going to see my husband!) but it is inevitable that I will be working and away from them as I have to start student teaching in the fall anyways and then get a full time job next year in the fall too. At least next year in the fall I will have two kids in school so I wouldn't be seeing them much anyways I suppose. I am excited and nervous as I begin this adventure and new chapter in my life. I am not sure just yet how I am going to juggle working, house keeping, spending quality time with my boys over summer break, and staying sane... I guess I will have to figure it out day by day. But then again, isn't that how I get through everything anyway? Well, wish me luck! I start my new job on Wednesday and entrust my boys and my house to my husband, praying the house is in one piece and not a total disaster most days when I get home ;)

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