Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And Again

Uhm, so I think I did good yesterday. I got home late and my husband did bedtime so there was really no reason for me to even think about yelling. Today, on the other hand, I didn't even stand a chance. I got home late again (about 4:30) and dinner was on the table but the house was a mess. I went upstairs to get CJ's uniform for his game (which didn't get washed because my husband told me he would deal with laundry so I didn't do it yesterday when I usually do) and walked up to the awful smell of cat poop. When went to get some toilet paper to clean it up with I walked into a bathroom filled with toys, wet towels, and dirty clothes. I was fuming but took a breath and told Logan to come get his dirty clothes and figured I'd just deal with the other stuff later. Then I told Logan again to get his clothes... Then again... And then AGAIN. That last time is when it slipped. I yelled. Then he tried to get away with just picking up a handful of things... Yeah... I yelled again.

I'm pretty sure I have yelled again since that but the rest of the night has been a bit of a blur. We rushed to tball, which was an emotional roller coaster, and then came home to bedtime. Walking into the house in the state it is in just stresses me out. And here I am typing this and I stop to yell... You would think as I was typing this I could contain myself, but seriously, this kid is just ridiculous. And by this kid, I mean Wyatt. He decides to randomly get out of bed and run around the room and hit the wall so Jameson mimics. I put him on the wall for a time out and all I hear is "I hurt! I'm tired! I want to be in my bed!" Well, good for you. Maybe next time you should stay in your bed LIKE I TOLD YOU.

Stressed. Stressed. Stressed.

I just want to spend time with my babies, love on them, tuck them into bed, and then get a little while to relax alone before I go to bed. But I don't get to do that. I spend half the time arguing with them, trying to get them to do as they are told, and then I just have to practically wrestle them to stay in bed. When they FINALLY get to sleep it's already time for me to shower and go to bed.

I'm over it. Starting again tomorrow. Fingers crossed I can make it. I was on such a high those first 2 weeks. I want to get back to it.

Tomorrow. I will.

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