Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Can I get a "woot woot!" ?!?

Let us just go ahead and make it official... ORC day... Wait for it... 2!

Go ahead...


Granted, my husband was home and taking care of bed time, which causes most of my stress yelling but they still count! Now I am bound and determined to make it through longer. This should be an interesting task as tomorrow is the last day of school and then it will be all day, everyday, with all four boys. On the plus side, I will be home and should be able to get my house clean.

Now I have two challenges to get through. 

1. Keeping up with the Orange Rhino Challenge and no yelling
2. Cleaning and organizing the entire house while implementing a plan to keep it clean when I am working

Yes, working... I haven't officially been offered a job yet but I have had two interviews and will likely be a full time working mom come next fall. Two kids in school and two in daycare. Hopefully no one being home will make it a little easier to keep things clean but it also means I won't be home as much to actually do much cleaning. I am nervous but I am sure we can figure it all out, it will just take time and all of us working together. 

But for now, we focus on the important things... No yelling... Two days.... Here we go for number 3!!!

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