Monday, August 19, 2013


I wanted to give an update on my progress with the No-Poo method! Honestly, I was pretty close to giving up recently. I didn't want to go back to regular shampoo so I started too look for other options and quickly realized that it was just way too expensive to go with organic shampoos. Luckily while I was searching I came across a blog, which of course I can't find now, were the blogger described her first attempt and used the term "waxy" to describe the feeling she had of her hair. I realized that was EXACTLY how I felt. My hair didn't feel greasy like it once did but it definitely didn't feel CLEAN either. The conclusion was that I needed to get more of the baking soda/water mixture into my hair. This was difficult with the spray bottles I started out with. I'd found myself taking the spray top off and dumping the mixture on my head... But what a waste! Then, it dawned on me! A water bottle! I could still basically dump as much was I needed but I would have more control. So I bought a new water bottle and set to work on the mixture, added bonus it is much bigger so I can double the amount I was making at a time, and haven't looked back! I still used the spray bottle for the ACV mixture and I have the water bottle for the cleaning portion and it's been great! I am so glad that I took the time to trouble shoot instead of just giving up. Now I can keep my hair healthy and not spend an arm and a leg on organic shampoos!

Ok another update on this. I came across a recipe for doing no-poo with just a honey mixture and decided I wanted to give it a try. So I mixed a batch up yesterday and today is night number two. I think I'm loving this even more and added bonus, my hair SMELLS awesome! Now, I read there may be another transition type period. The baking soda and ACV can over strip your hair and the honey is more conditioning. I did notice that today but it wasn't a greasy or waxy feeling, just different. My hair looks way more shiny too which was something I felt I had kind of lost with the other method.

This recipe is similar to the baking soda, 1tbs of honey to 1 cup of water. I made sure it was hot water to aid in mixing with the honey. 

I also don't have to used the ACV which is nice since that stuff, even diluted, smells horrid. 

I will update again soon on how this honey recipe works on a more long term basis... Right now I'm pretty sold!

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