Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Night at the Museum

We started out the day playing with bubbles. My friend that was over the other day brought Wyatt his birthday gift since they didn't make it to his party and there were lots of bubbles in there. CJ and Wyatt still have a hard time with them but Logan would make the bubbles for his brothers to chase after and pop - it was adorable. They are so cute when they play nice together.

My husband took off work today so we could finally take the boys to the museum (tuesday's are free after 3pm) and I've been wanting to take them to see the dinosaur exhibit before it's over. I was a little bummed because it wasn't how I remember museums - I've never been to the Witte before anyways so it was all a new experience - but the boys enjoyed it. The Dinosaurs UnEarthed exhibit has moving dinosaurs that completely freaked out Logan and CJ... it was pretty cute! They had fun playing in the little area digging for "skeleton bones" as CJ called it. There was also an area called the tree house where there were fun things for the kids to play with.
Any exhibit that has buttons to push were CJ's favorite and it was almost impossible to pull him away from them. Even if the buttons didn't work he would just sit there and click and click and click and click away.

We took the train from the zoo over to the museum and back which was a first for both of the little boys and they loved it. Well, CJ loved it. Wyatt was a little freaked out at first but crashed out on the trip back. It's not that expensive so the train is something we'll have to try to do more often.

After a tastey dinner out at PF Changs we came home and watched a movie. Wyatt fell asleep in the van around 7:30pm, it was a long day for him. CJ made it through most of the movie and fell asleep on my lap. No chores or cleaning up today, since we weren't really home, but that's how it goes when daddy is home and we do fun things :) Logan had gotten 5 days this month that he woke up with a dry pull up (yes he is 5 1/2 and still wets the bed) so he had his 5 stickers to get a reward so he said the train and the museum were his reward. Last month he had a total of 11 days getting up dry.... I don't think we'll get that high this month, but I'm hoping to get at least 5 more so he can have another reward day (I love reward days, they are fun! I'm such a kid hehe).

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