Friday, October 22, 2010

Holy Backache Batman!

I think today was my busiest day ever and now I'm paying for it! I started at 6:30 this morning, make breakfast and got my oldest to school then back home to get hubby to his PT appt and did some shopping for my halloween sprinkle tomorrow, got hubby dropped him and the boys off at home and went to my OB appt (had my glucose test and check up and everything is good) and then back home for lunch and then lots of baking!

I made 3 batches of cupcakes - rice krispie treats - banana bread - 18 caramel apples - carved pumpkins - melted the candy and made the "poopy diapers"  

Plus I made dinner in the middle of all of that... now it's just after 9:30 and my back is KILLING me... guess the rest will wait to tomorrow, hopefully i can get everything clean in the house and still get the cupcakes iced, the meal foods made, decorations up and whatever else for the games need to get done ACK so ready for bed now! Hopefully after a good night sleep I'll be ready for a LONG and BUSY day again tomorrow!

The boys did pretty good with their pumpkins. Logan didn't whine too much getting his hands in there and he cut out the eyes of his pumpkin himself (then mommy finished the rest of it how he requested lol) and CJ
helped me draw his face and then I carved it out for him. Wyatt just had fun throwing stuff everywhere lol.  In the end we ended up with 3 really cute pumpkins! Although the one I did for Wyatt didn't really come out the way I'd planned and the boys kept saying that Wyatt's pumpkin was "crying"! He does look sad :( poor little pumpkin! Then when I tried to get all 3 boys with their pumpkins to take a picture together Wyatt became camera shy and wouldn't get near the pumpkins or sit with his brother. Still, the picture of the 3 pumpkins and 2 boys came out pretty gosh darn cute :) Maybe they will have even more fun when we carve pumpkins again for Halloween (since it's still more than a week away and these pumpkins will be totally dead and gross before then... dumb hot Texas weather! Oh well, more fun for us this year! :-D

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