Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i hate LAUNDRY!!!

I swear, I just did all the laundry in the house the other day and now all 3 hampers are full or overflowing already! I guess tomorrow I have to get started again... I don't even know what is in the hamper in the boys room because Logan's closet is full and so is CJ's drawers... so WHAT is all the "dirty" clothes in the hamper??? I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I start loading it in the washer ::sigh::

Yesterday we cleaned up the boys room and went through all their toy buckets (long over due) and pulled out broken toys and some things they don't play with to sell at a yard sale this weekend. Of course today they had a bucket down and even after cleaning up toys are all over the house. I guess that's what happens when I take a nap and Daddy is in charge and lets them play everywhere (I try to get them to keep the buckets in their room OR they take them and keep them in the toy room). Maybe I'll make him clean the rest up :) or not.

Well back to the grind... time to load up the dish washer and sweep up the floors before bed. Only 2 more days of school for Logan and then break for Thanksgiving!

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  1. Remember to break it all up. It's only going to get worse:) 1 load minimum per day. Smaller is better:)