Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mommy's Day OFF!

Ok so I didn't really have the day off, but I did get a wonderful break today! We started this morning with some nice warm oatmeal MMMMmmmm and then some cleaning up and a little more Christmas decorating (started yesterday and STILL working on it!) and then a family grocery shopping trip. Poor little Wyatt fell asleep in the cart (wish I had remembered to take a picture) and then home for Wyatt and CJ to nap and then I put the fridge groceries away before heading out to meet up with 2 of my best girlfriends, Nikki & Christen, at Olive Garden for some yummy lunner (lunch/dinner hehe). We spent a little over 2 hours eating and chatting and it was a WONDERFUL and much needed little break. Plus I got to hold Nikki's sweet little 10 week old! I LOVE babies :) The boys were great for their daddy while I was gone and when I came home he warmed up some of the soup I made last week and all my boys ate dinner and then cleaned up the house. Daddy fell asleep early and I folded and loaded some laundry, got all 3 boys bathed, we read 2 holiday books, and the boys went to bed. Then I got to relax and get some homework done and now I'm ready for bed!

I didn't take pictures but the boys wrote their letters to Santa today... well, Logan wrote his and CJ and Wyatt scribbled a bit. For Logan I told him he had to sound out the words and write it all himself and he did a really good job! Dera Santa, I wat a pelo pt ♥ Logan Carter Plez (translation: Dear Santa, I want a pillow pet please :-D not too bad I think!)

Now tomorrow is family picture day! Everyone got something new (the boys and daddy got shirts and I got a little cover-up and some legging to go with my dress) and hopefully the pictures will come out great and not too expensive since we are trying a different place for pictures this year. We've done the past few years at Target but are trying Portrait Innovations this year --- if they don't come out Target is in the same shopping center so we can head over there lol.

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