Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Mission....


What a great day for my new start on my quest! I was up first thing in the morning and got ready for the day. Justin was going to take Logan to school with all the little boys but they were are out cold so we let them sleep and I dropped Logan on my way to my meeting (which was short and I was home around 8am). When I got back home I fed the boys and go started! I did a few loads of laundry (::sigh:: but i still have lots to fold) I organized my pantry (I should have taken a before picture because it was REALLY bad). I did dishes, cleaned the kitchen and eating area, swept and mopped the floors, cleaned both downstairs bathrooms and even wrapped some presents and ran to walmart with all 4 boys :)

I already have one friend who is following on this quest and I would love to invite everyone else to join us too! Feel free to respond to my blog and let me know how your quest is going! Leave helpful hints and tips that work for you and check back often for tips from me and others!!!


Pick things up or clean things up as you see them


  1. Accomplished my day 1 as well... I agree clean up as you see a mess I am going to keep up with that it makes things so much easier... Ready to partake upon day 2