Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So the whole cleaning thing was on hold a bit yesterday because we went to go get our Christmas tree! I had done some observations in the morning and then made lunch and when the boys were napping I went to pick Logan up a little early from school. We sang Christmas songs and the boys were so excited when we got to the tree farm and couldn't wait to get out of the car. The boys ran around as we picked out the perfect tree and then they each took turns helping daddy cut it down (well all of them except Jameson)



Jameson just being cute as his big brothers help daddy
When we got home the tree went up and got decorated. As usual the boys helped me pick out the perfect tree and we had a great time in the crisp cold air picking our the beautiful tree that will decorate our living room for the next few weeks of the wonderful holiday season.
Then today (another day spent doing observations) I cleaned up a bit, I got the boys bathroom scrubbed down and the laundry got folded and put away, diapers too. Then before clean up time Justin went upstairs to help Logan make a robot that he drew out. It came out pretty awesome and Logan did most of it on his own!

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