Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sectret Ingredient

As most anyone who knows me, or reads my blog, knows I love to bake. This year has been a busy one not leaving me much time for it and normally I bring tasty treats to my neighbors very frequently.  With the holidays in sight I had to get down to business and get some cookies baked for my awesome neighbors. My husband requested chocolate chip... BORING! I usually just use the chocolate chip package recipe but decided to hunt for something new online. I came across a recipe online, which I can't find now to reference, but decided, as usual, to change it up a bit. It dawned on me that cinnamon, just a hint, might be really tasty in a chocolate chip cookie. So I took to the pantry and retrieved my beloved cinnamon risking the chance my husband would HATE this rendition of his favorite cookie. I think I am a genius! They were so good with that hint of cinnamon! I anxiously awaited my husbands arrival home from work and when he walked in the door I was shoving cookies in his face. I warned him he may not like them because I added a secret ingredient. Apparently he is very observant because all he did was LOOK at the stupid things and knew I added cinnamon. Still, I had to wait for the taste test from my very tough critic. To my delight he like it! I think this recipe is a keeper and I am excited to have a chocolate chip cookie recipe to call my own!

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