Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back in the Groove!

Well, maybe I'm not completely back in the groove but I'm definitely getting there. I went grocery shopping with Jameson this morning and came home to the older boys napping so I got to get all the food unloaded. A few things that I've been doing pretty good with keeping up with got done, like some laundry and the dishes and then through out the day I got things done that I haven't been keeping up with as much. I got all the floors swept AND mopped (yup all of it and in the same day!). I scrubbed down the kitchen and cleaned the windows in the kitchen and kitchen nook. All the trash and recycles went out and I got the barrel down to the curb for pick up. When I was shopping I picked up a file box for all my lessons and the boys projects and work so that is all put away, although I still need to make time to organize and go through all of it. I got the goodie bags put together for CJ's party on Saturday and straightened up the bathroom a bit.
By NO means is the house where I want it but I'm getting there. I'm also learning to work around the boys and get Jameson to sleep in his pack'n'play so I don't have to worry so much about Wyatt trying to pick him up. Logan is over being sick (although the middle boys aren't feeling so hot) so he'll be back at school and my plan is to be back on my schedule and work out for a bit after I drop him off at school. The house feels really good right now and I'm super motivated to keep it this way and make it better! Sometime this week I want to get everything organized - this includes the worst areas of our house, our bedroom and closet. We want to get our room painted in the next few weeks (it's the ONLY room in the house that isn't painted. Now I just have to get myself motivated to write my paper for school... but that will have to wait till tomorrow night (after as much fun as we can have to celebrate CJ's 3rd birthday!!!)

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