Saturday, September 29, 2012

Halloween Haunts {movies}

Well it's that time of year again, one of my favorites.... HALLOWEEN! My husband made a rule (that I break every year) that I have to wait until the first of October to start putting out my Halloween decorations. Here it is the 29th of September and much of my indoor decor is out and up and we have been listening to my spooky sounds for the past couple hours. we have, and by we I mean my boys and I, have been watching some "spooky" shows and movies we find on Netflix the past few weeks already O.o oops! I am, however, finding this a difficult task. The few I find on Netflix are too scary for my young boys and the others I want I have to get a DVD and I am way too impatient to deal with that. Tonight I am resigning myself and settling for Casper's Haunted Christmas. ::sigh:: I may have to start lining up the Goosebumps series on DVD since it is scary but at an appropriate level for the little kiddos. 

So now I am starting to think about DVDs I may just have to buy and have on hand for situations like this. So here is my list (that I am sure will grow AND I am welcome to more suggestions) of the best Halloween Haunts in the kiddo friendly movie realm:

1. Hocus Pocus PG
2. The Witches PG
3. Halloweentown (the whole series) PG
4. Casper PG
5. The Nighmare Before Christmas PG

And if anyone finds anything good on Netflix INSTANT I would love to know what is out there this year!
Stay tuned for more Halloween Haunts to come :-D

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