Sunday, September 9, 2012

TUTORIAL **dryer balls**

 First you'll need to find and purchase 100% WOOL YARN. Depending on how big you make them and how many you want will determine how much you need. My first try with 8oz of yarn made like 5 1/2 so if I make them a little larger I can get 5 pretty good sized out of the same amount. I'm still learning this so I'll update as I figure it out more :) You will also need nylons to put them in when you are finished to felt them (must be done before using or it will fall apart)
Start by wrapping the yarn around your fingers with a little gap between them (I go about 10-15 times around)

Then tie tight around the center (again about 10-15 times)

Bring the ends in and start wrapping the yarn around to create a ball

Continue to wrap creating a ball about the size of your palm (or whatever you decide is the best size for you) and then tuck in the end

Slide the balls into a nylon and tie it off between each ball
Put them in the washer on a hot cycle and then a hot dryer cycle and repeat as necessary to create a smooth surface
ta-da! dryer balls!
The more felted the get the better. You can also use wool roving to cover them :)

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