Sunday, September 9, 2012

Growing Avocados

When we were kids my little sister and my parents took the pit of an avocado and grew out the roots in a cup and planted it! We had a cute little avocado tree in our back yard. I have recently found my green thumb and am growing out the top of pineapple (two actually, instructions can be found HERE) and so I decided I wanted to try to grow an avocado tree too! I took two pits and only one seems to be growing successfully. You take three tooth picks and stick them in the top of the pit. Then you find a cup and you suspend the avocado pit using the tooth picks in the cup and keep it filled with fresh water. I saw conflicting advice on placement but both mine were in the front window of the house with lots of light. You will see after several weeks the pit break open followed by roots and inside you will see the start of the tree! My experiment will continue as I find a place to plant it and hope it continues to grow!

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