Sunday, January 27, 2013

Facebook thank yous

After my youngest son's 2nd birthday party I wasn't really sure how to do thank you cards. I will admit I have never been very good about sending them out in the past. This year my 8 year old wrote out his own (his package of invitations came with thank you note so that made it easier). So I ran through some ideas that would be something other than me just writing a thank you card.

These we some options:
1. Have Jameson color on a card after I write thank you
2. Do a hand print to say thanks
3. Tape off "thank you" or a little card and have him paint over it

I felt like all of that kind of relied on the fact that Jameson would be willing to cooperate to color or paint and it would take a bit of prep work. Finally it dawned on me to use a picture, but who has the time to go print out pictures and mail them off? Plus, some of the people came because of a Facebook invitation so I didn't have their address.... WAIT! What did I just say? FACEBOOK! Of COURSE! I could sent or post thank yous via FaceBook!

There is a neat little app called "InstaFrame" that you can add text to a picture that I use a lot just for fun. I realized that would be the perfect way to send a thank you! So I went to the app and created little thank you notes that were personalized with the gift Jameson had received from everyone and proceeded to post the picture (see top of this post for an example) on the Facebook wall of the person or family we needed to say thank you to. I also tagged the husbands if I could so everyone could see the thank you!

I think they came out really cute and they are simple and personal and most of all an easy way to include a young child in the thank you note!

Next time I may take pictures of him playing with or using the gift as well and use that picture so each thank you is different!

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