Saturday, January 19, 2013

Finished Folder {teaching idea}

This idea was inspired form an idea my cooperating teacher saw on Pinterest during my student teaching. I took the concept of a folder that the students can use to keep track of the work stations they have finished and adapted it as a "potty planner" to help with potty training. 

The Folder
I took a plain Manila folder and cut half of one flap off. On the small flap that was left I cut it into 5 equal sections. I then cut out 5 different colors and numbered them 1-5 and glued them in behind the small flap sections. 
On the outer side of the small flaps I wrote the word "done".
The folder is then laminated and ready to go.

The Potty Planner Process
The way the potty planner works is a way to help motivate young children at first to at least attempt to go to the bathroom. We allotted 5 times to bring the students to the toilet and if they would sit and attempt to go they would be "rewarded" by covering up the number. 
The top part of the folder is open space for stickers as a reward for when the child actually used the toilet. 

By the time I left we hadn't had a whole lot of success, but I was working with young students with learning disabilities so we hadn't had this plan implemented long enough to see any real results. I think with continued and consistent use this would be a great tool.

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