Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Personal and Reusable Worksheets {teaching idea}

During my student teaching I spent a couple hours working with some 3rd graders for math. I discovered that they had difficulty with word problems and figuring out how to write the equation for the problems. I decided to create a word problem that I would laminate and leave the numbers blank so the problem remained the same but they had to keep redoing the equation with different problems. I also made this more personalized as I had one with their name and something they liked so it was more relatable for them. I left space for them to write the equation and show their work. We would use dice to determine what numbers to put in the blanks and it made it more like a game so it kept them engaged. The kids really enjoyed having their own page and kids love using dry erase pens so it was perfect! They got a lot of practice reading word problems to see how to find important information and they had fun doing it too!

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