Monday, September 13, 2010


WOW! I have had some lazy days and crazy days but nothing compares to yesterday... I had finally gotten some energy and was really excited to clean my floors after the boys went to bed. All of the carpets had been washed and I'd gotten most of the floor swept and toys picked up and I was getting the boys clean and into jammies when my phone rang. Justin called and said he was in the hospital and I was going to have to pick him up! Ok scary thought when your police officer husband calls you from a hospital and needs you to get him. So I finished getting the boys bathed and into their jammies and loaded them up into the van (after packing some books, toys and snacks since I had NO idea how late we'd be there) and at 8pm - which is normally bed time, especially on a school night- we headed down to the hospital. Turns out he broke his right shoulder and will be out of work for probably a good 6 weeks. So there went my cleaning and any energy I may have had today to get it done. Now I get to take care of 3 little boys and 1 big one all while being pregnant... hopefully I can keep up somewhat.

I've come to the conclusion that starting this quest while pregnant probably wasn't the best idea... and with school starting and all sorts of craziness I have jumped into water a little higher than my head. Still, I am going to keep trying to keep up with everything and doing activites with the boys. They deserve the best mommy they can have and I'll keep doing my best to be that mommy!

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  1. Julie,
    You will accomplish all that you have set out to do. You are an amazing woman and I am proud to call you my daughter in law.