Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sick day! BLAH!

CJ doing bath time art!
Wyatt and CJ got sick and then so did I and I'm telling you, being a mommy of sick kids and being sick is NOT good for being productive! I was sleeping so much! We are all starting to feel better, finally, so I'm getting to be more productive and actually starting back up with cleaning and laundry. I was so looking forward to doing activities with the boys but haven't been able to, but today I printed out some coloring pages and went through some ideas to do with them the next couple weeks. Even though I didn't do much the little boys did color in a bubble bath the other day. They had a lot of fun with that! Yesterday was labor day and so the boys played outside while Justin grilled some burgers. It was hot out and humid from being a little rainy so they didn't stay out long, but enough to get some energy out. They like to go through the tall weeds that their daddy has to cut down and they "high-ya" them and march around like they are going through a jungle or something, it's really cute. They will be so sad when we cut them down to put the tree in there! Tomorrow Justin is having surgery so we are dropping Logan off at school early (he is really excited to eat breakfast at school, weird kid lol) so after CJ, Wyatt and I make sure their daddy is safe in a room and doesn't need us we are going to head over to a McDonalds to get some breakfast and hopefully they will have a play place for them to run around in until we go back to bring Daddy home and pick Logan up from school.  

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