Monday, April 22, 2013

If mommy doesn't yell, can you?

What a wonderful way to get some affirmation! Wyatt was screaming... And screaming... And just being a noisy butt (and mean too). So when we got to CJ's tball practice I didn't unbuckle Wyatt right away and we had a little chat.

Has mommy been yelling or screaming?


Then should you be able to yell or scream?


PERFECT! This is a big part of what I was going for. And the best is that my 3 year old told me that I hadn't been yelling. That means even when I am talking sternly to him he isn't viewing it as yelling.

I spent the day working today. When I got home it was already about 3:30 so I didn't have much time with them. It was nice to just play with them, make dinner, and then chill out at practice. Seriously, if I could just get this bed time thing under control I would be SO happy!

Trying a different tactic today. I can't get the babies to stay in bed so they are sitting on the wall. Maybe I can get them to sit still and quiet long enough to get sleepy. I don't know. I am at such a loss. Give me other people's kids and I can work great with them. Give me my own and I can't figure them out for the life of me! At least I had a good time working today. I really love teaching, and I tell ya, pre-k is just so much fun!

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