Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Getting my butt in gear!

There is nothing like knowing you have company coming to motivate you to get things clean! My husband invited a coworker and her family over for dinner tomorrow so I knew I needed to buckle down and get things done today. I decided last night to help motivate myself I would make a little list and put it up where I could see it and check it off. I had a lot to do because of the A/C being out for the past week I didn't want to do anything in the horrible heat. I had about 6 loads of laundry (clean laundry) all over the laundry room floor to get taken care of, plus more to wash today and I, as you can see, didn't finish BUT I did come close! Other than laundry all the cleaning on my list got done today, I just didn't get the me time stuff done like working out and showering. Tomorrow I'll try those again lol and then just touching up the cleaning and making sure the roast is in the oven in time and that I get everything else done that I need to do. I should have people over more often to help keep myself motivated :)

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