Thursday, June 2, 2011


5 years ago, on May 25, 2006, my husband and I went to dinner at Piatti restaurant down at the Quarry. It was that night (yes the day before our wedding) that he proposed to me. He had called ahead and had the table set nicely and told them his plans and it was beautiful and the food was delicious! Now we have a tradition of going to Piatti every year for our anniversary. We sit at the same table and it's set just the way it was that night. All 6 years that we have gone to Piatti the staff has been wonderful and very accommodating and the food is simply delicious to top it off! I think I have ordered the same thing all 6 years! I always want to try something else but we only go there once a year and I know that I just love the Tagliatelle. The first bite of food and I'm in heaven. We started off, after the fresh baked bread an oils that they give, with the brushetta - Ah-May-Zing! Then they bring us a sample of another appetizer (always delicious) and then our food and then dessert. This time I got their creme brulee MmMmMmmm! I look forward to our anniversary every year, not just because it is a wonderful day for my husband and me to celebrate, but because I know I'll be eating an amazing meal with great service.
Me with the ♥ of my life!

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