Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stupid Sticky Floor!

I don't know WHAT got all over my floors, between the Popsicles that Wyatt stole out of the freezer and chewed open and juice he loves to dump all over the place and heaven only know what else, I just can NOT get my floors clean. I have wiped it up with towels, washed it with my Swiffer Wet cloths and steamed it with my Shark Steamer but it just still feels so gross. Add to all that all the crumbs and messes the boys make from eating at the table or Wyatt wondering around with a pop-tart and I just can't stand it anymore. I want to just rip it up and get new floors! (which is NOT happening cause ours are only 2 years old but that's what I would love to do to save myself from the stickiness)

It's not just the floors... no matter what I do and how much I clean (which it feels like I'm doing it all day everyday) there is NOTHING that is ever clean. I guess it just comes with the territory, I mean, I have 4 boys that are 6 and younger. Boys are dirty, stinky, messy creatures by nature so I should just get used to it. I just wish they could understand HOW GROSS THEY ARE! Even making them clean up their own mess they don't get it... will they ever? Goodness I hope so! Now Jameson is about to wake up from his nap so I guess it's back to the sticky mess... maybe this time it will get clean and stay clean - HA - in my dreams maybe...

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