Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm disappointed in myself. I've been slacking so much on everything lately. Perhaps it's because it's summer, but I just can't get up in the mornings lately, I haven't worked out in a couple weeks, and my house is a complete disaster. Yesterday and today I finally started to get caught up on my laundry and cleaning up the house, but there is still a lot to get done (but isn't there always?). Now that I'm getting caught up I'm determined to get back into my work outs and getting up in the mornings and everything like that. This next week will be a little crazy with it being the 4th of July and then Wyatt's 2nd birthday and party on the 6th but after that I'm making a commitment to myself and really getting back into things with NO excuses. I've been feeling really down on myself and so sluggish (I think I need to work on my diet too so I can see if that will help) and I think once my house is clean and I'm working out again and eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a healthy manner that I'll get to feeling better. I also think I need to be getting out of the house more and doing more things with the boys. That's another thing that I'm disappointed in myself over. I used to do so many fun activities with Logan and even with CJ but having Wyatt and now Jameson I just feel so overwhelmed and like I can't sit and have them all working on things. I hate feeling like I'm failing my boys, but I feel that way sometimes. I used to read to Logan every night before bed and several times through out the day but I don't think that continued even after having CJ, let alone now. I started this blog as a way to help myself become a better mommy and so far I'm still failing. Now Jameson is done nursing I'm going to put him to bed, clean up the kitchen from dinner and go spend some quality time with my boys before bed time and then I'm going to read them a book after they take a bath and tuck them in to bed and promise to them that I'll keep it up. I have to for myself and more importantly for my 4 wonderful and amazing little boys!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun with Grandma & Pop

The past week and a half has been super crazy busy and a lot of fun. Both my in-laws came to visit so we had a lot of fun spending time with them and going out to eat. The biggest trip was going to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. My husband had to work pretty much the whole time they were here so that was our big trip out when he had a whole day free. All in all the boys had a great time (and so did I :-D)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Our baby girl!

Meet the newest member of our family...

♥ Ember Mist ♥
She's a frisky little thing but super sweet. The boys are head over heels for her already and she has to hide under the couch to get some peace and quiet. Ember met her sisters, our dog Bella and our other cat Timber, but hasn't fully warmed up to either of them just yet. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stupid Sticky Floor!

I don't know WHAT got all over my floors, between the Popsicles that Wyatt stole out of the freezer and chewed open and juice he loves to dump all over the place and heaven only know what else, I just can NOT get my floors clean. I have wiped it up with towels, washed it with my Swiffer Wet cloths and steamed it with my Shark Steamer but it just still feels so gross. Add to all that all the crumbs and messes the boys make from eating at the table or Wyatt wondering around with a pop-tart and I just can't stand it anymore. I want to just rip it up and get new floors! (which is NOT happening cause ours are only 2 years old but that's what I would love to do to save myself from the stickiness)

It's not just the floors... no matter what I do and how much I clean (which it feels like I'm doing it all day everyday) there is NOTHING that is ever clean. I guess it just comes with the territory, I mean, I have 4 boys that are 6 and younger. Boys are dirty, stinky, messy creatures by nature so I should just get used to it. I just wish they could understand HOW GROSS THEY ARE! Even making them clean up their own mess they don't get it... will they ever? Goodness I hope so! Now Jameson is about to wake up from his nap so I guess it's back to the sticky mess... maybe this time it will get clean and stay clean - HA - in my dreams maybe...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Art, Park & Cuteness!

The other day CJ and Logan decided they were going to draw together. Logan has a composition book that didn't really get used during the school year so he's been kind of using it as a sketch book. It was super cute with the 2 "big" boys hanging out on the same chair at the kitchen table drawing together! They don't get a long often but they were just 2 little peas in a pod for a good 15 minutes. It's amazing when the boys get along, I wish it happened more often. Then we got invited to a friends house to play (I, of course, forgot to bring out my camera so I don't have any pictures of the boys playing on the waterslide) but before then we went to the park and I did remember I had my camera so I got some cut pictures of the boys playing around. They are just so cute it's hard to pick my favorite pictures to post!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Getting my butt in gear!

There is nothing like knowing you have company coming to motivate you to get things clean! My husband invited a coworker and her family over for dinner tomorrow so I knew I needed to buckle down and get things done today. I decided last night to help motivate myself I would make a little list and put it up where I could see it and check it off. I had a lot to do because of the A/C being out for the past week I didn't want to do anything in the horrible heat. I had about 6 loads of laundry (clean laundry) all over the laundry room floor to get taken care of, plus more to wash today and I, as you can see, didn't finish BUT I did come close! Other than laundry all the cleaning on my list got done today, I just didn't get the me time stuff done like working out and showering. Tomorrow I'll try those again lol and then just touching up the cleaning and making sure the roast is in the oven in time and that I get everything else done that I need to do. I should have people over more often to help keep myself motivated :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Six Flags

Going for a ride on the Train!

Saturday we took the boys and one of my husband's friends daughter to Six Flags for the day. We picked up some doughnuts to eat on the ride there, had a picnic lunch and went out to Olive Garden for dinner. We went on a few rides (hubby and I switched off watching the 2 little ones and whoever didn't want to or couldn't go on the ride) and we spent most of the day at the water park in the wave pool.
 The wave pool gives mandatory 15 minute breaks so during the breaks we'd take Logan to go on a water slide. It was a lot of fun. Then while Logan and Kahleah were swimming around like little fish, CJ and Wyatt napped and Jameson and I played, nursed, and he took a nap too!

It was about 6pm when we headed out for dinner and I really wanted the kids to see the laser light show and the fireworks (Wyatt and Jameson have never seen fireworks so I thought it would be especially cool for them and I knew the bigger kids would enjoy it a lot too). While we were watching the show Logan laid down for literally like 2 seconds and was passed out! It took a little bit to wake him back up again! Of course it was after 9pm at that point and we left the house that morning around 9 am so it was a long, busy and super fun day! Since we hardly did any rides the boys have been BEGGING to go back again. Good thing we got passes this year so we can go often and just do a couple rides at a time so the passes are totally worth it. I can't wait until the boys are all old enough to go on all the rides so we can just run and hit a ton of rides each time we go. It can be pretty stressful right now since Jameson can't go on ANYTHING and there are only a few things CJ can go on and even less that Wyatt can go on. Logan, even though he's only six, is so tall he can go on almost everything except for some of the really big loopy roller coasters... he'll probably be tall enough by next summer at the rate he's growing though!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


5 years ago, on May 25, 2006, my husband and I went to dinner at Piatti restaurant down at the Quarry. It was that night (yes the day before our wedding) that he proposed to me. He had called ahead and had the table set nicely and told them his plans and it was beautiful and the food was delicious! Now we have a tradition of going to Piatti every year for our anniversary. We sit at the same table and it's set just the way it was that night. All 6 years that we have gone to Piatti the staff has been wonderful and very accommodating and the food is simply delicious to top it off! I think I have ordered the same thing all 6 years! I always want to try something else but we only go there once a year and I know that I just love the Tagliatelle. The first bite of food and I'm in heaven. We started off, after the fresh baked bread an oils that they give, with the brushetta - Ah-May-Zing! Then they bring us a sample of another appetizer (always delicious) and then our food and then dessert. This time I got their creme brulee MmMmMmmm! I look forward to our anniversary every year, not just because it is a wonderful day for my husband and me to celebrate, but because I know I'll be eating an amazing meal with great service.
Me with the ♥ of my life!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Computer Cut-Back

Well, I'm not sure how much it is helping me to get more into cleaning the house, but, I have been cutting back on my computer time. I'm hardly ever on Cafemom any more and I haven't been on Facebook much either. Jameson has been up and needing attention more and won't let me sit, so that's played a big part. I also am kind of glad though because summer vacation is quickly approaching and I really need to get my big butt into gear and do more things with the boys. I already have plans to do some fun things out of the house (like Sea World, Six Flags, and the Zoo) but I want to really plan some activities with them. I just have to hope I can do that and keep Jameson content. That should be interesting...