Monday, August 6, 2012


Well, I haven't been slacking really, just slacking on my blogging. I have a good reason though! Life has just kicked me on the butt and knocked me over. I am working part time and I have HOURS of observation logs to catch up on since I, stupidly, missed that part of the instructions for my school work. Between work and trying to catch up with school I already feel overwhelmed and add on the looming TWO certification exams I have to take & student teaching, which is starting  in just 2 1/2 I feel like running off to Hawaii and pretending the world doesn't exist for a few days (if only I could!).  I think it is about time to take an Internet fast (or Facebook at least) and kick it into high gear! I need to get this house in order and get some work and studying done like, yesterday. I am so thankful that not only is my husband supportive of me and helping me through, but he is also pushing me through and making sure I know that I can do it. He is really going to have to step up to the plate when is start student teaching. I will be gone most of the day and then he has to go to work when I get home, it's going to be 12 weeks of tag teaming. We aren't going to see much of eachother until November but in the end it will all be worth it! Now to keep my head up and get my butt in gear.