Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mommy's Day OFF!

Ok so I didn't really have the day off, but I did get a wonderful break today! We started this morning with some nice warm oatmeal MMMMmmmm and then some cleaning up and a little more Christmas decorating (started yesterday and STILL working on it!) and then a family grocery shopping trip. Poor little Wyatt fell asleep in the cart (wish I had remembered to take a picture) and then home for Wyatt and CJ to nap and then I put the fridge groceries away before heading out to meet up with 2 of my best girlfriends, Nikki & Christen, at Olive Garden for some yummy lunner (lunch/dinner hehe). We spent a little over 2 hours eating and chatting and it was a WONDERFUL and much needed little break. Plus I got to hold Nikki's sweet little 10 week old! I LOVE babies :) The boys were great for their daddy while I was gone and when I came home he warmed up some of the soup I made last week and all my boys ate dinner and then cleaned up the house. Daddy fell asleep early and I folded and loaded some laundry, got all 3 boys bathed, we read 2 holiday books, and the boys went to bed. Then I got to relax and get some homework done and now I'm ready for bed!

I didn't take pictures but the boys wrote their letters to Santa today... well, Logan wrote his and CJ and Wyatt scribbled a bit. For Logan I told him he had to sound out the words and write it all himself and he did a really good job! Dera Santa, I wat a pelo pt ♥ Logan Carter Plez (translation: Dear Santa, I want a pillow pet please :-D not too bad I think!)

Now tomorrow is family picture day! Everyone got something new (the boys and daddy got shirts and I got a little cover-up and some legging to go with my dress) and hopefully the pictures will come out great and not too expensive since we are trying a different place for pictures this year. We've done the past few years at Target but are trying Portrait Innovations this year --- if they don't come out Target is in the same shopping center so we can head over there lol.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

GOBBLE GOBBLE *turkey art*

YAY me! I got a lot done last night and today :) The kitchen is looking beautiful, lots of laundry is done, and the floors are swept and looking like floors again lol. While daddy was in class this morning the boys and I had some fun making hand painted turkeys and then just paiting with some fall colors.

Mommy painting Wyatt's hand

CJ paiting his own hand

Turkey hand Logan

Boys doing Fall art

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i hate LAUNDRY!!!

I swear, I just did all the laundry in the house the other day and now all 3 hampers are full or overflowing already! I guess tomorrow I have to get started again... I don't even know what is in the hamper in the boys room because Logan's closet is full and so is CJ's drawers... so WHAT is all the "dirty" clothes in the hamper??? I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I start loading it in the washer ::sigh::

Yesterday we cleaned up the boys room and went through all their toy buckets (long over due) and pulled out broken toys and some things they don't play with to sell at a yard sale this weekend. Of course today they had a bucket down and even after cleaning up toys are all over the house. I guess that's what happens when I take a nap and Daddy is in charge and lets them play everywhere (I try to get them to keep the buckets in their room OR they take them and keep them in the toy room). Maybe I'll make him clean the rest up :) or not.

Well back to the grind... time to load up the dish washer and sweep up the floors before bed. Only 2 more days of school for Logan and then break for Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

playing catch up!

Geeze! You'd think I hadn't been doing anything with the way this blog has been going lately. I think with the boys being crazy and me being exhausted whenever we DO do anything I don't get any pictures and I am too tired to get on here and post. Hopefully next week I'll be all caught up and be rested enough to get back on track with this blog... but I won't hold my breath.

The boys had a great halloween! Wyatt was adorable going up to houses and knocking on doors.

We've done a few activities and been busy with baseball season (which is over now until spring!). The other day all 3 boys were coloring and Wyatt decided to color his belly and not his paper lol. They love to color!

We did some playdough today after hair cuts. Daddy said it was time for Wyatt to get a big boy cut and buzz it like him and the older boys... he looks just like CJ now and too old. I'm sad and I miss his long hair already! I think we will keep it shorter than it was but definitely NOT as short as it is right now. I don't like it.

And since I didn't post this when I started writing it (about a week ago) I feel like even more of a slacker! Things have just been hectic. I haven't been feeling well, the boys have all had the sniffles and all I want to do is sleep. Not to mention school and all my hw and reading is making things crazy. I've been getting back up to date with the cleaning and this week made a full meal plan so we can avoid having an excuse to eat or order out. Laundry is all caught up (for the moment) and the house is pretty clean. With the gorgeous cool weather the boys have been practically BEGGING to go outside (finally!) and so they have been out in the yard a lot the past week or so. It was too cold today though, but we did have a nice toasty fire and when CJ and Wyatt were taking a nap, Logan and I played a game of Guess Who? I've been trying to cook more full meals and bake more (I LOVE to bake!) and made some delicious pumpkin bread the other day and have some bananas ready to make some yummy banana bread, maybe tomorrow.

Time to get back on the ball and try to get on here at least every other day to blog!