Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Haunts {crafts}

I adore Halloween and all that surrounds it and one of my favorite things are little crafts! This year the boys painted some little ghosts. Simple and cute and a great way to remember how tiny their little hands/feet are... Yup, ghosts out of hands and/or feet! Below you will see the finish product of my spooky little boys. All you do is get some black construction paper, white paint, wiggly eyes, and a black marker and you are ready to go!

You start by painting whichever body part you want to use to make your ghost (my boys all wanted to make two and most of them wanted one foot and one hand) with the white paint. Gently press it onto the white paper and there ya go! Just let it dry and then add two wiggly eyes and draw on a mouth! So cute and so easy!