Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mommy VS Cloth Diapers

Overall I LOVE my cloth diapers but Jameson and I were having a tough time last week dealing with leaks. I couldn't quite figure out what I was doing wrong. Turns out I may have dried them with a dryer sheet (big No-No!) once or twice and then I figured out that Jameson just pees... a lot... So I started to double up on the absorbency levels in the diapers and we are sittin' pretty now! An occasional leak here and there (but nothing that wouldn't happen in a sposie* either. When we were camping we didn't take the CDs** and I was so excited to get back to his CDs and his fluffy butt! LoL We still do the sposies at night for now since I don't have quite enough to always make it through the night any I'm worried about him leaking too much since he pees so much and sleeps pretty well through the night. Even though I got a little frustrated with the diapers I'm glad I figured it out and I'm so thankful for my wonderful friends that made them and sent them to me! If you are interested in cloth diapers (or any other cute handmade things) you should check out my friends pages on FaceBook!

*disposable diaper
** cloth diapers

Friday, August 26, 2011

B2S 2011

OMG! I can't believe my baby is a 1st grader! Monday Logan started first grade and here it is Friday and he's finished his first week. He (as you can see to the right) was very excited to start school! I think he was a little nervous too since he requested that everyone take him and walk him in. Of course the parking lot was nuts so we decided to park in front of the new house and walk from there (our new house is so close to his school, it's going to be so nice when we get to move in!). Hopefully next week will go as smoothly as this week and the rest of the year will follow suit.
Hubby also started his Fall classes this week and I'm not looking forward to it since he's going M-W-F so that's 3 mornings he is gone instead of 2 and 2 days instead of 1 that I pretty much don't see him at all. Luckily I was able to get my school stuff worked out so I get a month break right now and then a few months break after Thanksgiving and then don't start student teaching until Fall 2012. Horray for more time with my babies!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So Long Summer Vacation!

Medina Lake

While it's the end of August and every day we are still hitting temps over 100 degrees summer vacation is officially over. Logan went back to school yesterday, I can't believe my *baby* is in 1st grade! Of course we had to squeeze in a quick vacation before B2S! Since it had to be a quick vaycay we decided to spend 4 days camping at the lake. The boys absolutely love it and they loved it even more when their Papa (my dad) came by for a night. 
Logan and Jameson by the fire

Dirty Wyatt Face Ready to Roast Marshmallows!

CJ trying to avoid a picture

Jamers enjoying the view of the water

CJ cooling off

Logan in a squirt gun fight with Daddy

"Sword" Fight!

CJ and Mommy looking for fishies!

Logan and CJ playing with the swing Papa put up 

Yeah, Wyatt ♥ s his Daddy

Flying kites

He finally got it!

Wyatt Hiking

Up we go!

CJ Hiking

Mommy and Jameson made it to the top! Whew!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Show Ready

Wow! This week has been simply NUTS! My husband sent me a message about a house... right there it's crazy and something is up... The house is gorgeous AND in the price range we were looking at AND the right size (although only 4 bedrooms) we went to see it, fell in love, and decided to put in an offer (after a bit of a dilemma) and to sell, or maybe rent, our house. The offer is in and we're waiting for a response and in the mean time I have GOT to get this house in showing condition and ready to go up on the market. I've already started pulling out things we don't use on a daily basis, my dad came over to do some yard work, and there is a LOT of cleaning and touching up that has to be done. We're shooting for Monday but we may have to put it off. I can't believe it, we are going to sell our first home and move into our second! It's so scary, I'm dying not knowing if they are accepting our offer or if they are going to send and counter, or WHEN! Hoping tomorrow morning, bright and early, we get to find out. In the meantime it's CLEAN, PACK, CLEAN!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fluffy Mail & my 100th Post!!!!

My starting stash!
What a simply fantastic day! There was a knock at the door (well he rang the bell but anyways) and the mail man had 2 packages for me! I knew a few of the wonderful ladies I've gotten to know and love over my pregnancy and the birth of Jameson had said they might send me a cloth diaper to try out (yeah I was a whiny baby about wanting to try lol) so one I knew what it might be, although I didn't expect it so soon! The other I was HUGELY surprised! Today I received a total of 6 diapers from some wonderfully amazing girls and I have about 3, that I know of, that are on their way! Seriously, these girls are amazing! What an awesome stash of diapers I have now! WONDERFUL! My husband is incredibly adamant that I am not allowed to buy any and that he thinks they are disgusting and I'm not changing his mind, but he can't complain since they were free and he doesn't have to touch them! As soon as I got the first one I had to put it on him (over his disposable) just to see what it looked like! Hehe :)
Oh yeah, I'm too cool trying on my new cloth
 I am so excited and jumped right in to try it out today... We're going to wait doing overnights right now and pick back up tomorrow :) After seeing him in such adorable diapers for a few hours today he looks silly in the regular disposable! He seemed to enjoy it too... well, maybe he doesn't know the difference but I think he liked it hehe
first time officially in cloth!
cloth diaper try number 2!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Going Green & Getting Crunchy!

Well... I'm not really all that green and I'm pretty low on the crunchy scale... but I find myself wanting and starting to come more and more to the other side! We've recycled forever (luckily we have recycle pick up so it makes it easy) and as for being crunchy, I've given birth naturally (no pain meds/not induced) with all 4 of my boys but recently I've taken small steps farther. Thanks to my dad I have a ton of reusable shopping bags that, if I remember (and I've gotten really good at remembering lately) have really cut back on the number of plastic bags I have and I either use those for small trash can bags or take them back to the store and put them in the recycle box. I also got a wrap to carry babies when Wyatt was little and I'm in love with my Didymos wraps (yes, plural! I got my second one as a birthday present this year!) and apparently that's on the crunchy side lol. And now my interest in cloth diapers has been incredibly peeked with so many of my friends (online, I don't know anyone IRL *that's in real life for those not as internet lingo savy --- and I'm not one to talk, I just recently learned that one lol* that clothe diaper (CD). Unfortunately my husband insists that it is disgusting (not that he changes diapers anyway) and we don't have the money to build up a stash... A lot of my friends make them and would help me learn but I still can't get that darn sewing machine to work right! Plus, I'd have to buy all sorts of fabric and stuff.... so still a no go :( I'm proud of my small steps to be green though . I may not change the world but at least I can make a small difference!

Find out how crunch you are here! I'm PRETTY CRISPY :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bedtime Bliss

Bedtime was no where near perfect last night, but it was so much better and a step in the right direction towards the blissful bedtime I am striving for. After a dry run last night I think I'd decided on a bedtime routine and schedule that should work (although when school starts it MAY have to move up a little bit if Logan is too tired).

7:00-7:30pm - Clean up/do chores (receive reward magnets if completed)
7:30- 7:45pm - Baths/Showers/Teeth and Jammies
7:45-8:00pm - Story time
8:00 - Tucks and Lights out --- hopefully everyone will be asleep no later than 8:30pm

I got them pretty close last night with the exception of Jameson (although he DID fall asleep but woke up again as soon as I laid him down in his crib). That is the hardest part, dealing with Jameson being cranky and wanting to nurse when I can't... Hopefully I can find a way to work that in better than last night.

No screaming or spanking or loosing my mind last night either. I raised my voice a little bit for them to know I was serious and it seems that my calmness rubbed off on them, it was wonderful. I don't know if it helped or not with the bedtime situation but I also had done some stamp art and glue with them before nap time - it was a mess but fun!