Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Art

The past few days have just worn me out! Last Saturday was my baby sprinkle (which was a BLAST) but setting it up and everything took a lot out of me so not much got done this week. I've finally gotten caught up on laundry and gotten the house to look almost clean again (YAY me!) and that gave me some time today to do some art with the boys! I had some streamers (which never made it up for the party) that I pulled some strips off and then printed off a little paper for them to glue pieces of the streamers onto. Wyatt loved ripping little pieces and all CJ wanted to do was dump glue all over the paper! Finally I got CJ to put some streamers on his page but he only wanted to do the orange, no black. I think Wyatt's came out totally cute :) CJ's just looks like it has caution tape over it lol. I love my silly boys!

Tomorrow we are planning on meeting some friends after Logan get's out of school at IHOP to have some FREE Scary Face Pancakes! It should be a lot of fun! Hopefully the van will be fixed and back by then! OH yeah, I didn't mention that... On Tuesday the van pretty much exploded and some guys glanced and said it was probably the radiator... it wasn't, it was the entire A/C unit and it ALL needed to be replaced, so there goes over $1500 (that we really can't afford to be spending now with the holiday's coming up, the new baby and then birthdays all over the next 3-4 months). I hate not having my van though, we can't really go anywhere as a family since the 2 carseats leave no room for Logan to be in his booster if we take Justin's car.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Holy Backache Batman!

I think today was my busiest day ever and now I'm paying for it! I started at 6:30 this morning, make breakfast and got my oldest to school then back home to get hubby to his PT appt and did some shopping for my halloween sprinkle tomorrow, got hubby dropped him and the boys off at home and went to my OB appt (had my glucose test and check up and everything is good) and then back home for lunch and then lots of baking!

I made 3 batches of cupcakes - rice krispie treats - banana bread - 18 caramel apples - carved pumpkins - melted the candy and made the "poopy diapers"  

Plus I made dinner in the middle of all of that... now it's just after 9:30 and my back is KILLING me... guess the rest will wait to tomorrow, hopefully i can get everything clean in the house and still get the cupcakes iced, the meal foods made, decorations up and whatever else for the games need to get done ACK so ready for bed now! Hopefully after a good night sleep I'll be ready for a LONG and BUSY day again tomorrow!

The boys did pretty good with their pumpkins. Logan didn't whine too much getting his hands in there and he cut out the eyes of his pumpkin himself (then mommy finished the rest of it how he requested lol) and CJ
helped me draw his face and then I carved it out for him. Wyatt just had fun throwing stuff everywhere lol.  In the end we ended up with 3 really cute pumpkins! Although the one I did for Wyatt didn't really come out the way I'd planned and the boys kept saying that Wyatt's pumpkin was "crying"! He does look sad :( poor little pumpkin! Then when I tried to get all 3 boys with their pumpkins to take a picture together Wyatt became camera shy and wouldn't get near the pumpkins or sit with his brother. Still, the picture of the 3 pumpkins and 2 boys came out pretty gosh darn cute :) Maybe they will have even more fun when we carve pumpkins again for Halloween (since it's still more than a week away and these pumpkins will be totally dead and gross before then... dumb hot Texas weather! Oh well, more fun for us this year! :-D

Thursday, October 21, 2010


It almost feels as if I haven't had any time to breathe I've been so busy lately! Between trying to keep the house cleaned up so I don't have so much do to before the party on Saturday (which, by the way, is not going very well lol) and getting everything together for the part all my free time is being used up. And that is what little free time I have after school stuff, taking Logan to and from school and helping him with homework, trying to get things in order and figured out for my observations for my degree, doctor and dentist appointments, Logans tball games and practices.... the list just goes on and on! The next 2 days won't be any less busy with all the baking and last minute shopping and decorating I have to do. I'm really excited for my Halloween Baby Sprinkle though and can't wait to see all my friends kids in their costumes and have a great time, it's just a lot of work! And I know the boys will have a blast too and I have lots of games to play!
Logan has been doing GREAT this season and is really starting to understand baseball. He really likes playing catcher and did AWESOME at his last game. I can't believe this season is almost over already! Hopefully he'll want to play again in the spring and do just as great (although Justin will be back at work by then and I'll be carting THREE LITTLE BOYS along with Logan to the games!) All of a sudden this pregnancy, or at least time, is going by really quickly! It's almost Halloween and then it will be Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, New Years, Logan's 6th Birthday and then BABY!!!! (well maybe baby before Logan's birthday if he comes a little early, just hopefully not ON Logan's birthday and preferably a few days apart in either direction)
Now it's time to get some rest! Tomorrow is going to be another busy day! Justin has Physical Therapy, I have my OB appt and my glucose test (YUCK!) and then after I get Logan from school we are carving our pumpkins for the party and then starting all my baking and preping whatever else I can before  PaRtY TiMe!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin ART!!!

I got up this morning and fed my hungry little monsters and then got dressed with Wyatt and headed out to pick up groceries and some things for the party next saturday. I actually think I got almost everything I need! Of course there are a few things left to get but I really got a lot done and got some game stuff set up for the kiddos and wrapped a few of the prizes. I'm glad I'm able to get a few things done at at time so that I won't be stressing so much this Friday & Saturday trying to get everything done in time! Then, after yummy grilled
cheese sandwiches and fresh smoothies for lunch, the boys and I grabbed their pumpkins and the pumpkin art kit we got from our been boo-ed treat bag and headed out to the deck to decorate their pumpkins. I knew it would be hard for the little ones so I got Logan set up first and told him how to put together his pumpkin spider. He took the longest to get it done but he did an awesome job! He's turned into such a big boy it's crazy! CJ was into the pumpkin art at first and got most of his stuff on his pumpkin but then he decided he was upset because he wanted the spider (even though Logan
picked it and was 1/2 way done and CJ picked out the pirate!) so I ended up fixing it when hed decided he didn't want to do anymore. For the most part I think I got the parts he did back where he had put them so it's still his lol. And there were more parts that he didn't put on so I left them off... it's still a cute little pirate! Then CJ decided he wanted to play with the camera and his toys. Actually, him playing with the camera worked out well because he took some pictures (pretty good ones at that) of me helping Wyatt to glue on his pumpkin art pieces. Wyatt's pumpkin was pretty much all done by me but he tried to help a little. It was hard because he's young and the pieces that needed to be glued were really small so he couldn't even really hold them. I still think he had fun trying to help out and he adores being outside so he had a blast running around in the yard. He's just such a cutie pa-tootie pie!
Then it was time for naps (and Mommy caught a quick nap too while Logan watched some TV with Daddy). Mommy got a break from dinner (Daddy cooked today!) so I spent some time getting things together for the party and cleaning up. After dinner, which all the boys finished all off, they got to each an ice cream sandwich. Even though they didn't make a huge mess they still all went to take a bath and they had a blast splashing around in the water together. After they got jammies on and got ready for bed Logan and I went into his room and cleaned up in there (they have a floor you can see again!!! lol) and then it was time for stories and bed time.

CJ's Pirate Pumpkin

Mommy helping Wyatt (picture thanks to CJ!)

Wyatt's Witch Pumpkin

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kooky Day!

The boys and I were up and out of the house this morning by 8:30 and left daddy to sleep (he ended up sleeping until almost 2pm!). So Logan had his t-ball game and he did AWESOME his 1st inning and just LOST it in the 2nd inning. He had wanted to play catcher and didn't get the chance to (the coach forgot and Logan didn't say anything to the coach to remind him, but he DID tell the coach he was "sick" - which he isn't) so he stood on the pitchers mound and cried until we called him to go sit in the dug out until he could calm down or the game ended. Then we went to the concession stand and had some lunch and came home for naps. Wyatt ended up being the only one who slept so when he got up we headed out to the Kooky Karnival at Logan's school. They had a lot of little games to play and the boys had a great time and won cute little prizes so they were happy! After we spent all of our tickets on the games we walked over to the playground area and let the boys play on the slides and everything to get a little more energy out. On our walk back through the school we got a good whiff of the Frito Pies so of course on our trip back home we had to stop and pick up some fritos and chili for a late snack! They were yummy :)

CJ "fishing"

all 3 boys and Mommy searching in the sand for goodies

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!

We finally made it to a pumpkin patch today! It was a little disappointing though because I had heard it was a really fun patch but when we got there no one was really there and there was nothing to do except pick out pumpkins and snap some pictures... so that's just what we did! CJ wasn't very happy about the pictures when we tried to get him to sit still with his brothers and then he decided he didn't want to get a pumpkin (that is until after we paid for Logan and Wyatt's and were getting ready to leave lol). In the end they all got their pumpkins and I got some really great pictures! So at least the trip wasn't a total waste and it was only about 15-20 minutes away.

Logan trying hard to pull Wyatt up a hill

CJ with his pumpkin FINALLY!
I could post 50 pictures but I'll stop with some of my favorites :) I love pumpkin patch pictures! I'm glad the boys enjoyed themselves even though there wasn't any real activities like we are used to. The other pumpkin patch we like is an hour away and you have to pay for admission and for a lot of things inside so this worked out to be fun and in expensive too! Then we went out to dinner as a reward for Logan having gotten 5 days of dry pull ups (he gets a sticker on a calendar whenever he has a dry pull up and when he gets 5 he gets a reward... it starts over every month and I think the most he's gotten ever in a month was 11 days). He also had 2 solid weeks of green happy faces at school so we were celebrating that as well. When we got home the boys played for a bit before reading a halloween book and going to sleep. They need lots of rest for tomorrow because Logan has a 9 am game and then when they get up from nap we are going to the Kooky Karnival at Logan's school! This is shaping up to be a really fun weekend starting with today :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Baby Sprinkle Planning

Well this is the first time I'm doing my whole shower myself and let me tell you, it's a lot of work... and probably even more so since I'm doing a Halloween Party for it and not just a regular shower. So I think I've finally worked out most of what I'm going to make and some games and made my lists. I still have to think of some other fun dinner type foods since it will be from 4-7pm, so dinner time. We're thinking maybe some chili or a deli plate... not sure yet still! This is the plan so far...

- Goblin Guts (punch)
- Witches Fingers (mini hot dogs in a roll)
- Magic Cupcakes (just yummy cupcakes)
- Monster Treats (rice krispies treats)
- Pumpkin Cookies (sugar cookies cut out like pumpkins)
-Skeleton Eyeballs (sweet & sour meatballs)
-Caramel Apples

- Spooky Poopy Diaper
- Mummy Wrap
- Word Scramble
- Pumpkin Balloon Pop
- Don't  Say "Baby"
- Bone Hunt

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Thanks to CafeMom (one of my most favorite websites EVER) I was selected as part of a rice krispies treat influencer program. They send out a box of rice krispies and a gift card to walmart and then ask us to make our spookiest or craziest rice krispies treats and then share the stories and our honest opinions. I jumped at the chance for free stuff for rice krispies treats cause we LOVE them! Logan was at school today but CJ, Wyatt and I decided it would be a fun activity for today AND make a delicious mid morning snack :) So here is a picture story of our RICE KRISPIES GHOST ADVENTURE!
Wyatt was happy and ready to start cooking! Him and his big smile next to the basic ingredients!
CJ adding the marshmallows to melt them.
The marshmallows after adding in the food coloring to make spooky purple ghosts
CJ mixing in the Rice Krispies
Wyatt tasting the yummy treats
CJ making the first cookie cutter cutout of the ghosts
The tasty ghosts after CJ added some sprinkles
CJ and Wyatt enjoying their delicious handy work
It was definitely fun and tasty and we can't wait to make more fun and spooky and other holiday Rice Krispies Treats again soon!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You've Been BOOed!!!

We got BOO-ed by a neighbor last night! is a fun thing where you print the card and fill a goodie bag up and basically ding-dong-ditch your neighbors! My neighbors son cheated and didn't run and told us it was from his mom but made me promise not to tell her lol. So today I took CJ and Wyatt to the dollar store to pick up a few halloween treats to drop off for 2 neighbors. After that we stopped at the park for a picnic lunch and met up with my friend Danielle and her son, Aiden. When we got home the boys went down for nap and I assembled the BOOed goodie bags! Here are the pictures to prove it :)

Here are all the goodies I bought: a little bowl, 2 cups, 2 glow sticks, 2 bags of pretzels, a few pumpkin lolipops, and a bag of halloween activities. Then I got all the goodies wrapped up in the little bowls.

Then I folded up the little You've Been BOO-ed! cards and attached them to the ribbons and they are all ready to go! The "rules" say you are supposed to do it after it starts to get dark but I'm probably going to drop them off when I pick Logan up from school. I did follow the rule of doing it in one day though! They are super cute and they have some to do for Christmas time too so maybe I'll remember and maybe start it this year in our neighborhood. It's a lot of fun! Here are the goodie bags with the cards on them.

Zoo, Train and Movie Day!

Wyatt petting a goat

on the train

We decided to go to the zoo today since we haven't done many FUN things since my MIL has been here and she is leaving tomorrow! The boys got up early and so I made some eggs, sausage and strawberries for breakfast and then we got ready and headed out to the zoo! The boys had a great time seeing the hippo out of the water and going to the petting zoo and petting and brushing the goats. Then, since the boys all ate really well, Grandma said they could have a treat and CJ wanted to go on the train. So we visited a few more animals and headed out to the zoo. CJ and Logan had a blast the whole time and Wyatt was so cute all snuggled up on me almost ready to fall asleep. They all crashed on the way home (well, Logan said he wasn't sleeping, he just rested) and I took Logan to the store to get groceries. Then we had some pizza for dinner and watched The Tooth Fairy. Overall a really fun and busy day for us and Daddy got a morning of quiet time to rest. up.  

Wyatt snuggling with Mommy on the train

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lots of Family Time

With Justin's shoulder broken and now after surgery we've been home A LOT. I now have 4 "kids" to tend to! Between tending to the 3 little ones and then having to help Justin out with everything the past few days I am running on empty. Thankfully he is starting to feel a little better and able to get up and move around a bit. The poor little boys have been dying to play with their daddy so they were psyched today when he was out of the bedroom for most of the day. We've spent a lot of time cuddled up on the bed in our room or on the couch watching movies or TV. Justin's dad was in town to help out the day of the surgery and for the past few days after. We took the boys for walks and to the park and swimming so they got to get out a little bit. Of course Logan and CJ now have took that week to get sick. Thankfully they both recovered quickly and feel great now.
Now with my MIL visiting I have been able to do a little bit more with the boys and she is helping me to get all caught up on the house cleaning (she's so wonderful!). She brought some neat painting books where they just use water and put it on the paper and it brings the colors out. CJ and Wyatt had fun with those, even though it ended up with Wyatt's whole paper with water dumped on it! Then another day CJ saw the shaving cream in the art supplies cupboard so he and Logan decided that they wanted to play with that for a while. Wyatt tested it out a bit but wasn't really interested in it. CJ, on the other hand, ended up completely covered! Logan had a blast making all his shapes and letters, such a little smarty pants. They have also 
CJ's hands covered in shaving cream

The boys playing with shaving cream
been little lazy butts enjoying cuddling with Daddy on the bed and watching different TV shows and movies. It's the most time that they really get to spend with their daddy since he is in so much pain. If we have something we have to do he can be up and about for about 2 or 3 hours but even that really knocks a lot out of him. It's better for him not to rush it though and give his body all the time it needs to heal from the surgery so he can work to get back to where he needs to be. So for now he spends most of the days in bed watching shows and when the boys are in the mood to sit still and cuddle up with him they crawl into bed too.