Thursday, December 30, 2010

Big Projects and Baseball Camp

Yes, I have been slacking TERRIBLY... and not just on blogging but on everything. This pregnancy has been murder on my ligaments and my hips and I have just been in so much pain I can barely function. I'm so thankful my husband has been off work and can do more since his surgery because he has been an amazing help with the boys and making dinners. Knowing that the end of this pregnancy is probably 2 weeks or less away I have really been trying to get the house in order but since we just had Chanukkah and Christmas there is a lot to do still. I finally got most of the decorations down and put away (going to try to get the outside done tomorrow) and I've been keeping up pretty well with the laundry. Almost all of the new toys the boys got have been sorted and put away (we need to buy a few new boxes for things though) but once I get the decorations back in the attic the house should be pretty much in order again. HORRAY!!!

The baseball league that Logan plays teeball with had some serious vandalism this month (it really breaks my heart that people could do what they do) and the CPLL (Capitol Park Little League) is run soley on donations and volunteers so to help raise money they announced a Christmas Baseball Camp for $75 to go for 3 days. It said 13 and under but most of the boys were around 10-13, Logan (5, almost 6) was by far the youngest there. But he actually had a great time and the older boys were so fantastic with him! They all were supporting him and routing for him and they didn't even pick him last when they picked teams!!! (which, btw, made me tear up - stupid horomones! LoL). I think Logan really learned a lot and it was good for him to be around some older boys with positive attitudes.

Today I decided, after baseball camp, a nap, and playing outside with the boys, that we would put "bricks" on a box to make a little house. It was a box from Christmas gifts that my husband had cut a piece out and it already looked sort of like a house and had sort of doors in the front  and the boys had been playing in it a lot. So, I figured we could  have fun doing an art project and make it LOOK like a house! The boys really had fun gluing the "bricks" (just colored construction paper I cut into rectangles) and then Logan wrote "Welcome" on the front flap that looked like a door mat.
I really think it came out cute! And it will be totally dry for them to play in it come morning so I know they will be really excited when they get up and see it sitting in their toy room. I was thinking of putting a blanket or pillow or something else in there but maybe I'll wait and see what they decide to do with their imaginations first.

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