Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dance Party!

I started out today making yummy breakfast for the boys (eggs, sausage, and blueberry toast) and then the boys did their own thing while I went on a mission to clean. I got laundry washed, folded, and put away. The kitchen counters scrubbed, dishes put away and a load into be washed, oven cleaned, kitchen table cleaned off and then swept and mopped the floors. The boys watched shows and played and helped me clean, all while their daddy slept (until almost 2pm!). We had lunch and the boys went down for nap and I woke my husband up so I could run to the store and grab a few things (we were out of a ton of things but I can't do a full shopping trip myself these days). When I got back he had started dinner and the boys and I read and played around for a bit until it was time to eat and then after dinner was cleaned up and the boys put the clean dishes away we went into the living room, blasted some music, and had a dance party! It was a tad painful for me with my big belly but we had a blast! The boys were going crazy and giggling and playing around with eachother, it was so cute. After a while we were all worn out so the boys started to clean up then took a shower or bath and got ready for bed. We cuddled for a bit and called it a night. I've really missed playing around with the boys. It's been hard because I've been hurting so much but I love it and they love it so I know that I really need to make an effort to try harder to play with them more. Once the baby is here and we work out a good routine I think it will be easier to get things back to normal and spend lots of time with my sweet boys.

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