Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best thing I've done...

Bed time used to be SUPER stressful for me. Hubby isn't always home (well is almost never home) at bedtime so it's all me. The nights he is home they pretty much go straight to sleep, for me... not so much. I got so upset fighting and fighting with them to stay in bed or be quiet or whatever and it was even more frustrating with a new baby. I don't think Jameson being older has really made that big of an impact, he still always wants to nurse right when I'm putting his brothers to bed but I made 1 big change other than sticking with a routine. The routine is NOT what has helped them, but I do like that it gives me more structure and helps me remain calm. I have learned to just let go. If the come down stairs they get sent back upstairs but as long as they are upstairs in their room I let them be. Logan get's tucks and reads himself a book and turns his light off and goes to sleep on his own so it's just the middles I have to worry about. So I tuck them, give them kisses and say good night... usually within an hour they are asleep. I wonder why I stressed so much before? This way is so much easier. I know it isn't something that would work for everyone but hey, they are still usually asleep before 9pm so I can't complain!

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