Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Productive Parents

I try my best to stay productive during the day and not get distracted by the computer or something but when my husband is home I find it difficult to do things when he is 1. sleeping or 2. playing a game or on his phone or something. When he's lazy I want to be lazy. Now, I know he works all week and everything and he has every right and reason to be lazy at home (sometimes) but it's hard for me to do stuff when he's sleeping for some reason! LoL So today I was excited that he was up and busy today! The other day I took down the majority of the Christmas decorations and outside lights and today he finished up with the roof lights (I'm afraid of heights so I don't deal with those lol) and then I got him to blow the leaves off the yard and mow the lawn! HORRAY! :) AND then he made dinner! (well, most of it). So then of course that means I was productive too! I got the rest of the decorations down and put in the garage and got things straightened up and the kitchen cleaned (oy, the never ending chore).

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