Friday, June 28, 2013

Going Green: No-Poo

Ok so I know what you are thinking.

"What is No-Poo?!?"

Or maybe you have heard of it and are thinking "EWWWW!! That is so gross!"

Before you run away in disgust, hear me out, because I thought the same thing. And to be honest, I woke up this morning sure that I was going to have to take another shower to try to clean my hair. However, I was pleasantly surprised!

Ok so to answer your first question, what is No-Poo. It's kind of what it sounds like, you stop using shampoo! Ok go ahead and get the EWWWW, grosses! out of the way. This method does NOT mean that you don't WASH your hair, you just don't use chemical filled shampoos. When you use shampoos that you purchase in the stores they strip your hair of oils. Wait, that's the point, right?!? Well, yes and no. You don't want your hair to be greasy and oily so you wash it but then these shampoos strip so much that your hair then fights back to produce the natural oils that you hair needs to be healthy which makes you overly oily! Really what you are doing is making your hair get oily faster by washing with these shampoos! 

Who knew?! No wonder I HAD to wash my hair every day!

Ok, but if I don't condition my hair it gets too tangled! Well, you can use a no-poo method for conditioner as well! 

Trust me, I was hesitant too. I thought it was disgusting at first but as I read more and more about it, it really started to make sense. So here I am, giving it a try!

It's been about 3 days since I used shampoo. I washed my hair one night and the next night decided to skip it. Of course when I got up that morning my hair felt incredibly greasy and gross. Up in a pony tail it went! Last night I made the washing and conditioning mixtures and set to work when I took my shower. I got up this morning expecting the worst, but so far, so good! There is a transition period for you hair to adjust to not being stripped of its natural oils so I expect for a while I will still be washing my hair every day but I know it is just in the healing process. I really think I am going. To be happy with this change!

So, if you want to give it a try, here is the mixtures I used.

Washing mixture:
1tbs baking soda
1cup cold water

Shaken up in a spray bottle. Just spray it around the roots of your hair and massage in. Rinse as usual.
Don't expect suds, I've heard that is one of the hardest parts for people to adjust too. You don't have to bet all soapy and sudsy to be getting clean!

Conditioning mixture:
1/2cup apple cider vinegar
1/2cup cold water

Shaken up in a spray bottle. Spray it to the ends of your hair and put your hair up in a clip while you finish your shower. Rinse as usual. 

I hope you will give this some consideration and if you try it let me know what you think! If you already use no-poo share your recipes and experiences!

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