Monday, June 3, 2013

Staying positive

Yes, I'm slacking. No excuses this time, I just have been lazy. 

Sad to report that I'm still not back on the rhino wagon. Although, I know that I have still be yelling less than I was before. So that's a plus! I still need to get back on the NO yelling wagon though. Tomorrow will be the day. I'm sure of it. I can do it. 

I will do it!

On another positive note... The healthy eating is going well. It's been tough and we aren't completely artificial crap free, but getting there. For Logan especially. Really hoping that by the end of summer we will have a completely revamped fridge and pantry with all natural and organic foods. It's hard because so many foods you buy have this outrageous list of ingredients it takes forever to look and see what is ok and what isn't. My goal this summer is to try to start making some more things from scratch but if I am working full time next school year it is really going to be hard to do. Even if it doesn't help with the in attentiveness issue in Logan it is better for all of us in the long run to eat healthier and more organic foods. More expensive.... But better. 

I think the hardest part is parties and school events. We went to a party the other day and of course there is cake and candy and all these things Logan can't/shouldn't have and since we are just starting on this adventure I let him have little. But it's not even just the sweets, it is food in general. There was hot dogs so just that right there we know likely has artificial ingredients in it and things he probably shouldn't be having in the white bread buns. Then there is the ketchup and the relish that has stuff he shouldn't have as well. Luckily he is a really amazing eater and after the hot dog when he was still hungry he at a ton of plain lettuce and tomatoes (that were meant as garnish for hamburgers) until he was full. I think if it was any of my kids that we HAD to do this with, I'm glad it was Logan. He loves fresh fruits and vegetables and all that stuff so it's not a crazy hard transition for the most part. 

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