Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's cookin' good lookin'?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well... almost Thanksgiving. This year we are celebrating a day early so today is my shopping and prepping day! My list is all made and I'm starving just looking at the menu! A few things I love to make are being taken out of my hands but I still have a ton of food I'm making. Below is a list of a typical Thanksgiving spread in our house and I'll try to get a few of my recipes posted up tonight!

Turkey (well duh, it's Thanksgiving!)
Ham (yup, we don't make it like ever so it's a special request from the hubby)
Gravy (made from all the good drippings)
Mashed Potatoes (my auntie is bring these this year)
Stuffing (auntie is taking this over too)
Candied Yams (whipped with sugars and butter and topped with marshmallows, the only way to go)
Green Bean Casserole (made with fresh green beans, so delish!)
Cresent Rolls (yeah, I cheat and get the pilsbury - another hubby request)
Corn on the Cob (this will actually be a new addition per my oldest son's request)
Cranberries (my grandma has ALWAYS made these fresh, they are so good)
Jello (another special treat my grandma makes, my boys are looking forward to this the most! it's not your ordinary jello people!)
Apple Crumble (my take on a dutch apple pie)
Some Pumpkin Dessert (normally I would make a pumpkin pie but my auntie said she has a new recipe for a pumpkin dessert she wants to bring)

I think that sums it up. Plus some sparkling apple cider to drink :)

So what do YOU serve on Thanksgiving???

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