Saturday, December 3, 2011


Eh, not so much. I've had numerous people refer to me as such and I hate to disappoint but I am far from super. More and more so lately I feel quite the opposite actually. Yes, I have 4 boys and manage to stay fairly sane. They are fed regularly and are in a general state of overall good health but that just makes me a mommy, nothing super about that. I used to be so much better at this, back when it was just me and 1 or 2 boys. Having so many little ones running around make it nearly impossible to complete even the simplest of tasks leaving me in a near constant state of frustration. Add to that the fact that I am lazy.

Yes, I can and do admit it. I am lazy and I can't seem to break myself from it. I suppose it's to be expected, I've always been this way. As much as it hurts when I cook for family and they are so shocked and surprised by how tasty it is (I have aquired a little knack for cooking) I can't say that it is surprising either. Growing up my mom always called me a JAP, that is Jewish American Princess, and went on and on over how I would have to marry a very rich man to take care of me and have a maid and a personal chef... sounds almost mean but I suppose it was true, at the time at least. I didn't cook anything aside from making a bowl of cereal and brownies from a package until I was almost 20. I still hate to clean but have found a passion for cooking and baking, but even then I can't seem to get my lazy butt up to do it most of the time.

Add to all this the consistent mess I call a home. As hard as I may try it is a futile effort to keep anything clean and I always seem to come to a point where I just give up. One day I swept the floor, mopped it, swept it again and by the time I put the broom away it was a disaster again! --- and NO I am NOT exaggerating

I have friends with just as many kids as I do and they seem to have so much together and even finding the time to make things from scratch or sew or something fantastical that I can only dream of doing. The baby has become an excuse but even that is my own lazy fault. I find it so much easier to just calm him and nurse him or  carry him around, but that limits other things that I can be doing.

Here I am now, standing on my soap box speaking only to a mirror... I have been sick this week (the "real kind of sick" as my husband calls it, with strep throat) but come Monday morning things are going to change. The TV is staying off (it's been off a lot as it is but I have to restate this to myself to remind myself that I am serious)!
Facebook is going to be a reward when I have completed tasks (sorry to my mama's that I going to miss by this minor fast, but I know you will understand).
I will stick to the schedule I wrote out this week and have posted on the fridge!
As this week progresses I will create a chore schedule and print and post it as well and then FOLLOW IT!
My home will remain in a state where a surprise visitor will not leave me embarrassed as they step through the door.
And finally, I will spend more time doing projects, playing, reading, and just overall spending time with my boys!


  1. Aww wee us mamas will miss you bunches... and this truly inspires me to do the same thing I really need to make a chore list and get my butt in gear and stop staying on the computer all day... so I may just follow in your foot-steps you can be the leader :)...

  2. <3 You can do it Lisa! The hardest part is getting started. We'll do it together :)