Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let's Play Ball & Wash a Car!

We had a very busy morning. Opening ceremonies were today at Capitol Park Little Leauge where Logan has played baseball for the past 2 years now. After the ceremony we headed home for some lunch and naps for the middle boys. When they woke up we rushed over for Logan's first T-Ball game of the season (his last season playing T-Ball! He'll start coach pitch in the Fall). The sun decided to come out from behind the clouds during the game and boy was it toasty out! The boys had fun watching Logan play and Logan even ran and got the ball when he was in the outfield! YAY! When we finished at the game we all were so hot and I decided that since Logan played awesome and the middle boys were so well behaved, we could go to Sonic to get a slushie (plus it was 2:30pm so drinks are 1/2 price! :D).

I wasn't sure at first what would be fun for the boys to do and I didn't think they would want to just head into the backyard and play so I asked if they wanted to wash the van (I made sure they knew it meant playing with the hose lol) so they were really excited!. Logan changed and I got somethings together so they could clean the van a little. They had a blast! While my van isn't spotless by any means, it definitely looks a LOT better now. Maybe tomorrow I'll make them clean out the interior with me :).

After we finished in the front yard they decided they wanted to go in the backyard so I got to clean up the house a little and get dinner started while they did that. The other day on the Food Network I saw a bit of a reciepe for a leek salad and when I shopped last week I bought some things to make it. I didn't have an exact receipe but I cooked the leeks, fried up and chopped some bacon, diced a few tomatoes and tossed it together with dressing I made from scratch! Since I wasn't even sure if I would like it, let alone the boys, I just made some corn dogs and chicken nuggets as a back up. The boys didn't care for the salad much but I thought it was DELICIOUS! I think my husband will like it too. There were some leftovers so he can taste it, but I'm not sure how good it will taste when he gets around to it.

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