Thursday, March 31, 2011

Helpful Hubby

I've tried not to gripe on my husband much for being a slacker lately. He had been doing awesome working out every day, getting up, taking the trash out, and taking care of the lawn before he broke his shoulder! Then insert broken shoulder, surgery, then knee surgery and he became completely useless. Finally he is all healed up and back at work! He has still been useless though... but slowly getting better, like taking care of the trash. Then yesterday he got a wild hair up his butt and went out into the back yard and mowed!!!Oh gosh it is WONDERFUL! The grass, and worse, the weeds were going crazy back there. Some of the weeds were about as tall as the kids! Now it looks like an actual backyard, plus the grass is getting green and it's starting to look beautiful back there. I think this next week or so he'll really be getting back into things and I'm so looking forward to it. I don't mind that he doesn't do much around the house but I've missed the yard looking nice and the trash not being my job. It's good to have him back to his wonderful helpful self!

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