Thursday, May 5, 2011


Spring is here and with it my wonderful hubby has started back on his tasks of taking care of the yards and doing projects! His newest project is fixing the backyard. The boys have their sandbox but they always make a huge mess and don't play in it often so he decided to make a little pergola for it and he moved it to the back corner of the yard to try to keep the sand in the box and off the concrete. I must say that he is quite the handy little builder! The boys spent the past couple days in the yard playing while daddy was working. There is still more to do but he got the pergola and base done and just has to get dirt and level the ground to put the sandbox in. He also is thinking about making a little fence and a door for them to go in and out. It's super cute and I can't wait for him to finish it and I really want to decorate that area and make it super fun for them.

Wyatt going down the slide before we came in for the night
We're also going to be putting a tree in the back yard and we have my little clementine tree that isn't doing so well... hopefully it'll come back to life. It's amazing how far the backyard has come since we first moved in 4 years ago!

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