Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

Having a husband that works all holidays and leaves for work around 1pm I tend to get a little depressed on all of the "grilling" holidays. I don't do the grill thing, that's hubby's job, but I really want to get the boys out and about in the yard and playing and making happy holiday memories. The pool sounded like a great idea but I'm not totally comfortable going to the pool with all 4 boys myself since none of them can really swim and I wasn't sure if anyone in my family could go with me (I have to go to my grandma's to get the key to her pool anyways so I had to call and check). I decided to call my dad first and thankfully he was able to come so we got everything ready and decided to go to the pool and have a little BBQ at MiMi's house (Mimi is what the boys call my grandma). I was a little bummed that Justin couldn't be there, especially since it was Jameson's first time in a pool, but we went and the boys had a great time! 

I was so proud that Logan finally started to try and swim around with out a life vest or any kind of floaty toy! He is by NO means really swimming but he was hopping around and wading a little bit near the steps. Only took him till he's almost 6 1/2 but I'll take what I can get!

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