Friday, May 13, 2011

Work out Crazy!

I have no idea what got into me today but I got in 2 work outs! Well, sort of... First I got in about 25 minutes of Tae-bo, I would have done more but Jameson got cranky. Then after some laundry and tending to Jameson I got him down for a nap and decided to try and go for a run. I set out planning to get a good solid run at least around the neighborhood and got about 1/2 around and had to start walking (yeah that equals about 2 minutes before I wanted to die lol). So that is going to be a work in progress, maybe start out at a much slower pace or start out just walking the neighborhood and work my way up to a jog then run. I took a shower and got dressed for the day and rested for a while, in pain! lol Man, I am out of shape! Getting better though... YAY me!

So then it was more laundry, cleaning, picking Logan up from school, cleaning, laundry, and starting dinner (Jambalaya). While dinner was cooking my friend came over with her son and we hung out while the boys played and we had dinner. I have to say Mr. CJ pushed my buttons tonight and did NOT want to eat anything! He kept playing and trying to get up. I don't know if it's because my friend was here or what but I stuck to my guns and he was NOT leaving the table or having any of the fruit (fresh cut cantaloupe and honeydew melon) until he at least ate a few bites of his dinner! It felt really good to not just say "whatever" and then him end up grumping at me later because he was hungry and Bella ate his food.

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