Saturday, April 23, 2011


Wow do I feel accomplished today! Easter is tomorrow and I was stressed trying to clean and get as much stuff done today as I could. The morning should be relaxed since it will just be my little family but I have a couple friends coming over in the afternoon and I'm super anal about having food, treats, and a clean house when people come over. So this is the list of the things I got done today:
  • Baked cupcakes from scratch
  • Made chocolate ganache icing from scratch
  • Decorated cupcakes
  •  Made meatballs (the sauce will go tomorrow and warm it all in the crock pot)
  • Ran to the store for a few things I needed (flour... eggs...)
  • Folded and put laundry away
  • Baked sugar cookies from scratch (the boys help make a few cut outs)

  • Straightened the house 
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Clean the boys bathroom
  • Swept the floors
While I was at the store the middles were napping and I had Jameson with me so I set Logan up with stuff so he could finally paint the garden stone that he made and has been begging to paint for a week now. He's such an awesome little artist!
And of course I did the usually taking care of the boys, making food and feeding them, baths and all that fun stuff. The Easter Bunny also came to our house tonight! I love the holidays!

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