Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mommy VS Cloth Diapers

Overall I LOVE my cloth diapers but Jameson and I were having a tough time last week dealing with leaks. I couldn't quite figure out what I was doing wrong. Turns out I may have dried them with a dryer sheet (big No-No!) once or twice and then I figured out that Jameson just pees... a lot... So I started to double up on the absorbency levels in the diapers and we are sittin' pretty now! An occasional leak here and there (but nothing that wouldn't happen in a sposie* either. When we were camping we didn't take the CDs** and I was so excited to get back to his CDs and his fluffy butt! LoL We still do the sposies at night for now since I don't have quite enough to always make it through the night any I'm worried about him leaking too much since he pees so much and sleeps pretty well through the night. Even though I got a little frustrated with the diapers I'm glad I figured it out and I'm so thankful for my wonderful friends that made them and sent them to me! If you are interested in cloth diapers (or any other cute handmade things) you should check out my friends pages on FaceBook!

*disposable diaper
** cloth diapers

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