Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fluffy Mail & my 100th Post!!!!

My starting stash!
What a simply fantastic day! There was a knock at the door (well he rang the bell but anyways) and the mail man had 2 packages for me! I knew a few of the wonderful ladies I've gotten to know and love over my pregnancy and the birth of Jameson had said they might send me a cloth diaper to try out (yeah I was a whiny baby about wanting to try lol) so one I knew what it might be, although I didn't expect it so soon! The other I was HUGELY surprised! Today I received a total of 6 diapers from some wonderfully amazing girls and I have about 3, that I know of, that are on their way! Seriously, these girls are amazing! What an awesome stash of diapers I have now! WONDERFUL! My husband is incredibly adamant that I am not allowed to buy any and that he thinks they are disgusting and I'm not changing his mind, but he can't complain since they were free and he doesn't have to touch them! As soon as I got the first one I had to put it on him (over his disposable) just to see what it looked like! Hehe :)
Oh yeah, I'm too cool trying on my new cloth
 I am so excited and jumped right in to try it out today... We're going to wait doing overnights right now and pick back up tomorrow :) After seeing him in such adorable diapers for a few hours today he looks silly in the regular disposable! He seemed to enjoy it too... well, maybe he doesn't know the difference but I think he liked it hehe
first time officially in cloth!
cloth diaper try number 2!

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