Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So Long Summer Vacation!

Medina Lake

While it's the end of August and every day we are still hitting temps over 100 degrees summer vacation is officially over. Logan went back to school yesterday, I can't believe my *baby* is in 1st grade! Of course we had to squeeze in a quick vacation before B2S! Since it had to be a quick vaycay we decided to spend 4 days camping at the lake. The boys absolutely love it and they loved it even more when their Papa (my dad) came by for a night. 
Logan and Jameson by the fire

Dirty Wyatt Face Ready to Roast Marshmallows!

CJ trying to avoid a picture

Jamers enjoying the view of the water

CJ cooling off

Logan in a squirt gun fight with Daddy

"Sword" Fight!

CJ and Mommy looking for fishies!

Logan and CJ playing with the swing Papa put up 

Yeah, Wyatt ♥ s his Daddy

Flying kites

He finally got it!

Wyatt Hiking

Up we go!

CJ Hiking

Mommy and Jameson made it to the top! Whew!

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