Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Going Green & Getting Crunchy!

Well... I'm not really all that green and I'm pretty low on the crunchy scale... but I find myself wanting and starting to come more and more to the other side! We've recycled forever (luckily we have recycle pick up so it makes it easy) and as for being crunchy, I've given birth naturally (no pain meds/not induced) with all 4 of my boys but recently I've taken small steps farther. Thanks to my dad I have a ton of reusable shopping bags that, if I remember (and I've gotten really good at remembering lately) have really cut back on the number of plastic bags I have and I either use those for small trash can bags or take them back to the store and put them in the recycle box. I also got a wrap to carry babies when Wyatt was little and I'm in love with my Didymos wraps (yes, plural! I got my second one as a birthday present this year!) and apparently that's on the crunchy side lol. And now my interest in cloth diapers has been incredibly peeked with so many of my friends (online, I don't know anyone IRL *that's in real life for those not as internet lingo savy --- and I'm not one to talk, I just recently learned that one lol* that clothe diaper (CD). Unfortunately my husband insists that it is disgusting (not that he changes diapers anyway) and we don't have the money to build up a stash... A lot of my friends make them and would help me learn but I still can't get that darn sewing machine to work right! Plus, I'd have to buy all sorts of fabric and stuff.... so still a no go :( I'm proud of my small steps to be green though . I may not change the world but at least I can make a small difference!

Find out how crunch you are here! I'm PRETTY CRISPY :)

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